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    The Polytechnic Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IPRJ) was incorporated by the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) in 1993 as an internalization program of University from our state. It has encouraged the creation of mechanisms that facilitated the relationship with the community from center-north fluminense region in order to attent the technological needs of modernization of industrial sectors.

    For the university extension, the Business Incubator, pioneer in the state of Rio de Janeiro, began operations in 1995. In 1999, in order to evaluate the dynamic potential of the local economy and the ability to leverage the emergence of new technological base companies, the incubator diagnosed economic activities and prospects of the business leadership of the center-north fluminense region, aiming to map the structure of the networks and their capabilities, representative institutions and their dynamics, in addition to the demands for innovation in existing sectors, in order to allow the identification of new business to be encouraged in the region.

    Since then, the incubator began to direct their actions and projects to specific demands, enabling their greater participation in governance structures, which is materializing through the various projects developed, with the main focus on promotion the creation of new businesses, the capacitation and technological integration and the development of training tools in management and production processes. Thus, the Incubator has become the main vector in the conduct of regional and university skills, in order to induce the creation of new enterprises.

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