Technology Parks

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    Parque Tecnológico da UFRJ
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    The UFRJ Technology Park is located on the campus of UFRJ, on the island of University City, in an area of 350 thousand square meters. Opened in 2003, the park aims to stimulate interaction between the university, students, academic staff and companies. Thus, transforming knowledge into jobs and income offering innovative products and services to society.

    Today are installed research centers of 14 large companies, 5 small and medium, and 6 laboratories of UFRJ own. In the Park is also installed the Coppe Incubator, which currently houses 27 start-ups. 60 other technology companies were formed in the Incubator. In this environment of innovation, are also the research centers of two other companies, GE and L’Oréal, located on the island of Bom Jesus.

    • Lucimar Dantas

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    • Rua Paulo Emídio Barbosa, 485, Cidade Universitáriada UFRJ - Ilha do Fundão, Rio de Janeiro - RJ