Technology Parks

  • Name:
    Polo de Biotecnologia da UFRJ
  • Description:

    The area of the technological park of BIO-RIO is divided into industrial lots, that it is an urbanized area for the establishment of R&D divisions (R & D) and production companies, for lots of 1000m².

    About industrial lots, were defined a set of 20 lots of 5,000 m2, 3,000 m2 of useful area and 2.000m2 area “non-edificanti” (60% and 40% respectively with to 6 floors built) for larger companies. And another group of 1,000 m2 for small businesses. Were compactly grouped lots for businesses, facilitating economies of scale in the adoption of common services: cafeteria, surveillance etc.

    With shared administrative support, the BIO-RIO provides to businesses: communication optical fiber (telephone and high speed Internet), fax and copier, the company divulgation on Polo website, and institutional presentations made by FBR, in national and international events .

    Resident companies also have support for: cooperation with universities and research centers, consulting on corporate layout, legal advice, support of business management through specific consulting and training.

    Resident companies in the industrial lots are entitled to stay in space for 25 years. A period which corresponds to the investment and development of research conducted at the pole.

    Activities for military purposes or with aggression potential risk to the environment and fully dedicated to commercial operations are prohibited.

    Basic infrastructure offered:

    • Communication service via telephone and fax;
    • Restaurant;
    • Reception services;
    • Safety;
    • Cleaning;
    • Garbage collection.
    • José Eduardo Tostes

    • (+55-21) 3525 - 2400

    • Access the associated

    • Av. Carlos Chagas Filho, nº 791 - Cidade Universitária - Ilha do Fundão CEP: 21.941 - 904 Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brasil